This past weekend CFACT held their annual Truth to Power Eco-Summit in Cable,
Wisconsin and it was one of the most enlightening experiences and interesting
events I have attended. Granted I got lost and it took me twice as long to get to T2P
but once I got there I was really excited. There were Collegians from all over the
country that attended this event and it was really interesting to hear about what
they do on their campuses. On top of meeting new friends and coming up with new
ideas to do at my chapter it also made the collegians a stronger force, I feel, because
we have met and become friends and there is support there so instead of just
being individual chapters we are a network. On top of meeting new collegians on
of the main reasons for this Eco-Summit was to learn more about how to be better
activists on our campuses. We had speakers like Craig Rucker (CFACT Co-Founder),
Mike Franklin (political activist and lawyer), Marc Morano (Climate Depot) and Alex
Epstein (Ayn Rand Institute) plus many others. They each talked about a different
topic that they were the most familiar with, but the general message that I got from
all of the speakers is that as students we have the ability to change how people
think about the environmental truths and lies that we are facing everyday. I think
that for a while I forgot how much impact students can have on their peers and the
environment around them. I think that this eco-summit really re-ignited my desire
to make my campus better and really debunk the lies that the greens are putting
into the public’s head. I am now all fired up to make my CFACT chapter better and
get things done!